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On this 60mins call, we will…

⭐ Audit WHERE YOUR COMPANY is in terms of expansion. Are you ready to expand?

⭐ Spot KEY GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES and STRATEGIES that are unique for your business.

⭐ And help you work out an actionable gameplan to get your business READY TO EXPAND

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Here’s what others say after working with us:

Could not recommend BroadenBase highly enough. They have allowed me to focus more on my business growth by taking a lot of daily tasks off my plate. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is self-employed and find themselves spending hours a day doing repetitive tasks.

John G, Blue Horizon
We had the opportunity to delegate logistic related tasks to BroadenBase LTD. Could not recommend working with them highly enough. Their high-quality results job, customer-focused and engaging working system, gave the confidence to delegate such key and important tasks. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who finds themselves spending hours a day that can be exploited in a more efficient way.
Rafael Camacho, Inversiones Fortune S.A.

Adriana is a highly reliable professional, very committed, efficient and determined to delivery high quality outputs I had the opportunity to work with her for several years in challenging projects with outperforming outcome. Excellent team player and very solution oriented.

Onerazan Bornia, Oil & Gas Professional
Our company runs operations in Peru, offering cryptocurrency wallet and trading services. We contacted BroadenBase LTD. a few months ago with a research request. The basic idea was to have a rough estimation of the time and effort necessary to invest to bring our business from Peru to The UK. The result delivered by BroadenBase was absolutely beyond expectations. We received an incredibly detailed report with all the information requested a lot more, together with a highly professional presentation. Everything was easy to understand; they made an exceptionally good work putting together information in PowerPoint slides. BroadenBase customer relationship is another positive point to highlight. They were constantly providing updates for the project and rapidly responding to any of our requests. Since they are bilingual, communication in Spanish made project stages simpler. We would recommend BroandeBase to anyone in need of administrative and project management support. Thanks, BroadenBase for making this first step hassle-free.
Banexcoin LogoMerbin Rangel, Banexcoin
I have really enjoyed working with Adriana, she is very open to new ideas and has plenty of experience. At her level she always takes things under control and makes sure necessary processes, policies and procedures are fit for the purpose.
Ivan Moreno
I have an excellent experience working with BroadenBase, they made everything easier, highly professional, goals oriented, and always helpful and available. They offer very good support for developing an online business. I am really pleased about having chosen them to help us.
Veruzka Loureiro
I have worked with Adriana for many years, and during all this time her performance and deliverables were outstanding. Her best strength is the responsibility, quality of work delivered, perfect timing, professionalism, and very ethical. I recommend fully her services as the deliverables will always meet your goals.
Deyanira Lorenzo Acosta
Very professional Business Consultant. Picked up the complexities of our platform very quickly and slotted right into the team to become a vital part of our Gang.
David McKenna, Adaworx

Had a very pleasant and informative experience. Leonardo Gill was fantastic with me, very helpful and I would highly recommend him and his company. Thanks again.

Stephanie McDougall
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If you are looking to ENTRY NEW MARKETS, INCREASE YOUR REVENUE POTENTIAL, DIVERSIFY YOUR SERVICES OFFERS, GAIN COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE and IMPROVE YOUR COMPANY’S REPUTATION…..then expanding your business internationally to other markets is the correct solution, however…..

If not done properly, a global expansion approach can rapidly translate into massive time, resources, money, and reputation losses, which are ultimately extremely hard to recover from.

Unawareness of the process and requirements, cultural and linguistic gaps, and lack of local expert supporting network; can leave your company in a very weak position.

Having a flawless global expansion (i.e. a soft landing) shouldn’t be either a difficult or a long process for your company.

Our 1-1 bespoke expert framework is designed to provide C Suite and Directors with a strategic international plan and dedicated support to effectively grow globally and easily dominate your new market in the next decade.


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In Its Simplest Form, Our Process is Based On 3 Core Pillars:


Understanding your needs to create a clear road map and plan for your expansion. Allowing you to know What to do | When to do it | How to do it | Why to do it | Who you need to work with to do it….This is the baseline to risk mitigation and loss avoidance.


Creating effective channels of communication with those essential stakeholders and partners that will prepare your documentation and guide you to a 100% flawless plan execution. Start building your international reputation.


Dedicated, exclusive, VIP follow-up and representation, so you only worry about completely establishing your business in your new market and continue your path to conquer the market in less than a decade.

“To know where you are going, you need to know where you are first….”

Knowing this is the desired start for the correct application of effective activities designed to support the delivery of solutions that align to business objectives and provide continuous value to your organization.

An EXPANSION READINESS & EXPANSION PLANNING SESSION is a free 60 mins (or more) done-with-you meeting to audit where your company is standing in terms of its global expansion intentions.

This is a powerful opportunity to discover your organization’s ability and interest to transition to the future international domination state.

This is perfect for you if you are looking to:

Assess your Company’s Current State and understand the internal and external factors for your expansion opportunity.

Mitigate Risks and Reduce Losses by Identify your Business Needs/Requirements & Create a Baseline for a strong business case and a business plan.

Future-proof your business by determining gaps in existing capabilities & Obtain a set of proposed changes necessary to attain a desired future state that addresses the expansion opportunity.

Ultimately crush international markets!

Here’s what you’ll get as part of the Readiness & Planning Session:

In-depth private ‘Discovery Consultation’ on your current state and your desired future state.

An analysis of your company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threads related to your expansion objectives.

Insights of the internal and external factors affecting your international expansion objectives.

An easy-to-follow and visual dashboard with results for a better understanding of your readiness for global expansion.

A baseline plan with proposed actions that will provide opportunity and fundamentals to develop a powerful business plan to improve the chances of expansion success.

A multicultural experience. We Speak Spanish…..HABLAMOS ESPAÑOL 

Whether you want to expand your business by branching out or simply sell your first product internationally and you don’t have a strategic plan to expand, you have come to the right place…there is nothing more helpful than having a guided preparation session to start the path to expand.

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