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A3L Virtual Assistants Administrative Services

A3L Admin Services

There is much more work to do that just the one customers see at the frontend of your business. Your A3L Virtual Assistant will efficiently take care and manage all the behind-the-scene (the back-end) of your business. We’ll free your time so you can be more effective.

You will always face the need to work on a piece of document, whatever its nature. Data entry in different data bases, is not different scenario and you could often see yourself flooded with tons of data and performing a very mechanical and repetitive job. Your A3L Virtual Assistant will support you on your documents creation, checks and data entry and maintenance tasks.

Recording and documenting your business day-to-day financial transaction in the correct place daybook/ledger, is part of those back-office tasks that can’t be avoided and that indisputably requires a big amount of time and effort. Your A3L Virtual Assistant, will accurately manage your financial records, so your accounting in business process is always properly managed.

The Admin Services Package Contains:

  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Managing payments and invoicing
  • Managing orders and refunds
  • Making collections calls
  • Handling payroll
  • Reconcile Accounts
  • Executive e-mail, contact and phone book management
  • Travel Research and Booking
  • Schedule Planner
  • PowerPoint & Prezi Styles Presentations creation
  • Word document formatting
  • Files Proofreading / Editing
  • Data Entry & Maintenance
  • General Transcriptions
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A3L Virtual Assistants Resources Management Services

A3L Resources Services

Customers can be seen as the backbone of any company. The way you manage your relationship with your customers and interact with them, can impact your company performance in both positive and negative way. An effective CRM impacts customer satisfaction. Your A3L Virtual Assistant, will assist you on effectively and efficiently manage your CRM data base and functionality.

It is essential for any business, specially for SMEs sustainable strategy, to optimise it’s procurement process to obtain the most convenient goods, at the best price from the correct suppliers. Your A3L Virtual Assistant, will support streamlining and management of your business procurement process.

At any point in time, your company would have to go through the process of not finding and selecting the right person with the right qualifications at the right time, but also deploy efforts so that personnel can impact company in a positive way. Your A3L Virtual Assistant, will support you in the process of selection of personnel and then on the retention of your personnel. 

The Resources Management Service Package contains:

  • Leads & Sales Management
  • Customers and Projects Follow Up
  • Job Advert Creation
  • Screening Process
  • Interviews Set up
  • References Checking and Follow-up
  • Candidate Shortlist
  • Induction/training coordination
  • Staff records management
  • Product Research
  • Price Comparison
  • Supplier contact
  • Order Stock
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A3L Virtual Assistants Business Analysis Services

A3L Business Analysis Services

As it grows, your business is faced with the need of the identification of business needs and the determination of different solutions to different problems. This is in essence business analysis. Preparing Business Case and Financial Statement Analysis, are just two parts of business analysis. Your A3L Virtual Assistant, will responsibly support on the creation of business case and the analysis of your companies financial statement.

Projects are essential part of business growth. Project management is practised to effectively lead the work of a team towards the achievement of set goals within different constraints to achieve objectives and meet success criteria. Your trained A3L Virtual Assistant, will support you on the application of different techniques for the effective management of projects to success.

The Business Analysis Service Package contains:

  • Business Case & Plan Creation

  • P&L and Cash-flow Management

  • Project Management

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A3L Virtual Assistants Miscellaneous Services

A3L Virtual Assistants Miscellaneous Services

Don’t worry if you didn’t find here the exact service(s) that you requires, in A3L Virtual Assistants, we have different abilities and are more than capable of performing different tasks and activities.

Have a look at the list of different services we also offer.

Still haven’t found that special service you require?….why don’t you let us know exactly what you need?…most likely we are more than capable of doing it and if not, rest assure we’ll try to find that assistant that can cover your requirement.

Diversified Services:

  • Documents Translation (En/Spa)

  • Online Research

  • WordPress sites maintenance

  • Social Media Posts

  • Simple photo editing

  • Surveys follow-up

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