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BroadenBase Projects provides expert guidance and comprehensive management solutions to simplify the management issues that are standing between you and your success in The UK.

Investing in foreign markets can be a complex and daunting process. Overseas businesses are held back from seeking opportunities in the UK because of time and cost.

BroadenBase Projects solutions are framed in 3 stages process that are key steps of starting a new company in the UK. They are aimed at simplifying the process, as well as reducing set-up costs, leaving business owners more time involved in the growth of their business.

Our first line of services and solutions starts with DISCOVERING your needs and requirements. Read below to learn more…


The great journey towards the completion of the strategic objective begins with a clear understanding of your current position and where you want to be in the future in terms of your international expansion.

A successful international expansion is tied to having a clear road map that gives you the correct information at the right time.

✔️ Are you and your business ready to expand internationally to the UK?

✔️ Do you have a clear objective to expand internationally to the UK?

✔️ Is it feasible for the business to expand its offer (products and/or services) to the UK market?

Our DISCOVER services will provide you with the opportunity to:

➡️ Undertake a business analysis meeting with us, in which we’ll identify how ready are you and your business to expand to the UK.

➡️ Have a sound feasibility report that will allow you to make the final decision of expanding or not.

Business Analysis (Readiness Assessment)

A READINESS ASSESSMENT SESSION is a free 60 mins (or more) done-with-you meeting to audit where your company is standing in terms of its global expansion intentions.

This is a powerful opportunity to discover your organization’s ability and interest to transition to the future international expansion state.

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Market Research & Feasibility Study

In order to consolidate the understanding of the current market in the United Kingdom, as well as the feasibility of entry of your company’s products and/or services in the UK market through the identification of specific permits, procedures, and potential clients.

We take this study and research as the baseline for future strategic propositions.

Not Sure Exactly What You Need?

Book a Consultation Call

Let’s have a 30 – 60 mins call so together we can:

🟠 Know each other

🟠 Understand your requirements and needs

🟠 Know how we can best help you

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Fill Out a Questionnaire

Download and complete this questionnaire.

It contains almost all the questions needed to understand your needs and requirements and help us determine if we can help or not.

Once completed please return to our email for further analysis and contact.

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Let’s get in contact and have a conversation where we can promote and give you information about transferring your business to the UK.

This is the start of a great journey. Your business expansion objective starts with us.

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