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BroadenBase Projects provides expert guidance and comprehensive management solutions to simplify the management issues that are standing between you and your success in The UK.

Investing in foreign markets can be a complex and daunting process. Overseas businesses are held back from seeking opportunities in the UK because of time and cost.

BroadenBase Projects solutions are framed in 3 stages process that are key steps of starting a new company in the UK. They are aimed at simplifying the process, as well as reducing set-up costs, leaving business owners more time involved in the growth of their business.

Our line of services and solutions continue with CONNECT & DEVELOP. Start connections with key players and develop your strategic entrance to the UK. Read below to learn more…


At this stage, you and your company are already equipped with a strong setup plan that was delivered during the DISCOVERY section of the process.

It is now time to prepare you and your company to be ready to take the actions needed to complete the setup. It is time now to have all the documentation ready as needed by the UK institutions to avoid delays and losses. It is time to start connecting your company with the key stakeholders that will guide your setup process.

Apart from starting the connections with key players in the UK, BroadenBase also focuses effort at this stage to develop a sound and thorough strategic plan for your international expansion to the UK.

It is not only a strategic plan report. It is wide research that will give a detailed road to your expansion by giving you:

✔️ Exactly WHAT you need to do to set up in the UK,

✔️ WHAT are your obligations when setting up,

✔️ WHO will be your key stakeholders in the setup process,

✔️ WHEN you need to contact these key stakeholders,

✔️ WHY you need to contact them,

✔️ HOW LONG will the setup process take,

✔️ HOW MUCH will the setup process cost.

Networking (Introduction to Business Partners)

To connect you and your business with all the key players identified during The Feasibility Analysis conducted as part of DISCOVERY services.

The connection will allow you to start the international networking needed for a soft landing and a successful business in the UK.

Strategic Planning  and  Project Management

To prepare a comprehensive and detailed plan for a successful setup process in the UK.

The plan is prepared with the objective of answer WHAT, HOW, WHEN, WHY, WITH WHOM questions.

Project Management procedures and frameworks are used at this stage to guarantee effective development.

Our main purpose and motivation will always be to be your right-hand support here in the UK during all the stages of setting up in the UK process.

We’ll provide you with the expertise you need to make the correct connections to protect and grow your business as well as with the preparation you need to comply with requirements and avoid future complications & losses.

Let’s get in contact and have a conversation where we can promote and give you information about transferring your business to the UK.

This is the start of a great journey. Your business expansion objective starts with us.

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