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BroadenBase Projects provides expert guidance and comprehensive management solutions to simplify the management issues that are standing between you and your success in The UK.

Investing in foreign markets can be a complex and daunting process. Overseas businesses are held back from seeking opportunities in the UK because of time and cost.

BroadenBase Projects solutions are framed in 3 stages process that are key steps of starting a new company in the UK. They are aimed at simplifying the process, as well as reducing set-up costs, leaving business owners more time involved in the growth of their business.

Our third line of services and solutions helps you to GROW your business in the UK. Read below to learn more…


For Local Agency Assistance throughout set-up process minimizing risks and increasing profits. Although being a relatively simple process, it could be lengthy and require full support and commitment from the company setting-up.

BroadenBase Projects will support your company during this period, attending any specific requirement needed by the parts to continue the process.

You can rest assure that the best team is taking care of the process to your best interests.

Project Management (Executing, Controlling & Monitoring)

To effectively control the execution of the Strategic Plan developed as part of past stages.

International Business Agency

To act for you as your local agency for your expansion objectives regardless of you want to set up, establish, branch out or simply sell your first product in the UK.

Let’s get in contact and have a conversation where we can promote and give you information about transferring your business to the UK.

This is the start of a great journey. Your business expansion objective starts with us.

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