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Whether you want to branch out or simply sell your first product in the UK and you don’t have a strategic plan to expand, you have come to the right place…we are here to help you

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What We Do

We give 1-1 bespoke support services to companies to effectively and efficiently complete their International Expansion Strategic Objectives

The UK is set as the world’s most global financial center offering outstanding access to capital, clients, and collaborators allowing business growth and thrive. Overseas companies might be aware of the many business opportunities offered by the UK but are held back from having an international presence probably due to:

⛔ Lack of knowledge of the process/regulations/requirements of setting companies abroad;

⛔ Cultural and linguistic barrier;

⛔ Lack of time, knowledgeable guide, and support to complete the process efficiently.

Corporate Executives, Business Owners, and Directors hire us to fulfil their strategic objective of international expansion to the UK because most of them have been delaying taking further actions and missing the great opportunities offered by the UK.

So we help them in the analysis of their needs and the creation of a streamlined strategy plan that guarantees a smooth set-up & expansion with low overhead costs and zero to no time or money losses.

Bottom line we support businesses to:

✔️ DISCOVER new markets potential,

✔️ CONNECT & DEVELOP for a smooth set-up process, and finally

✔️ GROW their international base while minimizing risks and losses.


Knowing where you are, where you want to be in the future, and what is the most efficient way to get there is essential for your company’s success, especially when you are planning to expand. Not knowing your needs and not having a clear strategy is the recipe for failure. It is our purpose to discover all your needs and work with you on the creation of a strategic plan that guarantees your success when expanding internationally.


Doing business internationally can be frustrating, costly, and time-consuming,  especially when you don’t have the right connections. We support you in providing unrivaled connections that can be leveraged in every market to prepare, protect and grow your business.


Smooth, flawless, and complaint onboarding is essential for future success in international trading. We are here to provide guidance and comprehensive management solutions to simplify the process that is standing between you and your success in The UK.

What We Solve for You

International expansion represents a big step forward for any company looking forward to growing its global presence. Setting up a company abroad can be a complicated process and firms can be held back from completing their strategic projects due to several considerations.

BroadenBase Projects works to solve many of the pain points your company might find when expanding abroad. If you have any of the problems listed here, then we can support you on solving them and get you started.

Uncertainty if internationalization is the correct strategy to take

Lack of Knowledge of the process/regulations of setting companies abroad

Lack of knowledge of international market

Lack of strategic plan and planning to enter international market

Cultural and Linguistic Barriers and lack of support to cope with them

Lack of time, guide and support to complete the process efficiently

Lack of the right connections to protect and grow your business

Client Testimonials

Could not recommend BroadenBase highly enough. They have allowed me to focus more on my business growth by taking a lot of daily tasks off my plate. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is self-employed and find themselves spending hours a day doing repetitive tasks.

John G, Blue Horizon
We had the opportunity to delegate logistic related tasks to BroadenBase LTD. Could not recommend working with them highly enough. Their high-quality results job, customer-focused and engaging working system, gave the confidence to delegate such key and important tasks. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who finds themselves spending hours a day that can be exploited in a more efficient way.
Rafael Camacho, Inversiones Fortune S.A.

Adriana is a highly reliable professional, very committed, efficient and determined to delivery high quality outputs I had the opportunity to work with her for several years in challenging projects with outperforming outcome. Excellent team player and very solution oriented.

Onerazan Bornia, Oil & Gas Professional
Our company runs operations in Peru, offering cryptocurrency wallet and trading services. We contacted BroadenBase LTD. a few months ago with a research request. The basic idea was to have a rough estimation of the time and effort necessary to invest to bring our business from Peru to The UK. The result delivered by BroadenBase was absolutely beyond expectations. We received an incredibly detailed report with all the information requested a lot more, together with a highly professional presentation. Everything was easy to understand; they made an exceptionally good work putting together information in PowerPoint slides. BroadenBase customer relationship is another positive point to highlight. They were constantly providing updates for the project and rapidly responding to any of our requests. Since they are bilingual, communication in Spanish made project stages simpler. We would recommend BroandeBase to anyone in need of administrative and project management support. Thanks, BroadenBase for making this first step hassle-free.
Banexcoin_logoMerbin Rangel, Banexcoin
I have really enjoyed working with Adriana, she is very open to new ideas and has plenty of experience. At her level she always takes things under control and makes sure necessary processes, policies and procedures are fit for the purpose.
Ivan Moreno
I have an excellent experience working with BroadenBase, they made everything easier, highly professional, goals oriented, and always helpful and available. They offer very good support for developing an online business. I am really pleased about having chosen them to help us.
Veruzka Loureiro
I have worked with Adriana for many years, and during all this time her performance and deliverables were outstanding. Her best strength is the responsibility, quality of work delivered, perfect timing, professionalism, and very ethical. I recommend fully her services as the deliverables will always meet your goals.
Deyanira Lorenzo Acosta
Very professional Business Consultant. Picked up the complexities of our platform very quickly and slotted right into the team to become a vital part of our Gang.
David McKenna, Adaworx

Had a very pleasant and informative experience. Leonardo Gill was fantastic with me, very helpful and I would highly recommend him and his company. Thanks again.

Stephanie McDougall

How it Works – Our Proposed Process

Let us show you the way for your global expansion through our simple process. Reach the secure ecosystem provided by UK, the world’s most global financial centre.

Consultation Call

As part of our DISCOVER service/process, it all starts with a virtual meeting. This is the perfect opportunity to:

  • Discuss further on our solutions

  • Get to know your company and what you require

  • Establish where your company is and where you want it to be. READINESS ASSESSMENT

  • Discuss and establish which way is the best to get you there

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Step 1
Step 2

Research & Analysis

After getting an agreement during the discovery call and setting your company’s profile, we embark on our DISCOVERY process of investigation, market research, and analysis.

Our research and analysis focus on getting insight regarding:

  • Market specifications

  • Feasibility Analysis for your company products and/or services

  • Set-up requirements

  • Research and contact of key partners (accountants, finance consultants, solicitors, logistics, human resources etc.)

Market research and analysis is specific to every company and to what is required, therefore there is no define timescale for the research, however we aim to keep constant contact and updates with our customers.


After delivery of the market research and feasibility analysis report, we’ll join in a meeting/workshop to:

  • Discuss the outcomes of the research and feasibility analysis
  • Outline the requirements to set up in the UK

  • Make a “moving forward” decision…Start Strategic Expansion Plan prep.

Step 3
Step 4

Connect & Develop

This is the start of the implementation of the agreed proposal procedures. Connect & Develop process starts with the agreement and green light to the development of a strategic expansion plan.

At this point, the feasibility research and analysis have already been discussed, and the decision to progress with the set up of the company in the UK was taken.

The scope of this process highly depends on the specifics of each company, but it mainly focuses on the development of a plan that includes timescales, action items, and possible costs implied in an expansion process.

Connecting your company with the proposed partners is also part of the scope of this stage. Necessary meetings to connect both companies will be set. We as your local agents will be supporting the whole process and updating as necessary.


Implementation / Grow

After making sure that all the required documentation and information is in place, we can then start implementing and executing the strategic plan proposed in the previous stages.

We manage all the process on your behalf and communicate constantly with you to update on the process.

We ensure a smooth process since sound preparation was performed in previous stages. You can sit back and just wait for the final call with greenlight for internationalization.

Step 5

How Will You Benefit?

A Clear Set-up Strategic Plan

A company cannot expand internationally without a sound guide plan that determines the necessary steps and actions to take to complete the process at minimum risk and lower costs and efforts.

A sound Market Research & Analysis

Have a clear understanding of the UK as the best market for your expansion. Get an understanding of what is needed in terms of requirements before starting your expansion to the UK.

Right Strategic Connections

Get the right connections that will get you prepared for a successful business international expansion. There are many key issues that need to be ironed before proceeding with fully set in the UK. We’ll get you connected with that helping hand.

Totally Supported Set Up Process

Lengthy, costly, time and effort consuming process will no longer be part of your pain points. With us, you will have full support and guidance through the setup process, while you focus on your business.

Lower Overhead Costs

Reduce overhead and other hidden costs your company can incur by not having an agency supporting you directly in the UK.

Reduce Setup Time

Setting up internationally is no doubt a lengthy process. Having a supporting agency guiding the process directly in the UK will dramatically reduce the setup time.

Reduce Risks

Reduce the risks of delaying the process for not having the specific norms and requirements asked by official/government agencies to set up a company in the UK and start trading.

Avoid Losses

Our process guarantees dramatic costs and time losses reduction. You can effectively complete the process in the estimated timeframe without the risk of affecting your resources.

Grow Your Business

Put your business in front of a big and ever-growing market like the UK.

Be More Competitive

You will be fully prepared to make a disruption in international markets espcially in the UK.

Improve Your Resources Management

Have peace of mind that we will effectively manage the setup process for you.

Be Prepared to Innovate

Setting up in the UK will accelerate your business, products, and management processes. Get a clearer vision of the possibilities of international markets

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Leonardo Gil


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